Well, you know your moving day is approaching and it’s obvious that you might have planned everything. You have done all the needful as well as now everything is wrapped into boxes and suitcases. After all the formal procedures are executed, you might be confused or think of how much should you tip the movers on this big moving day? What we recommend you are not to be pressurized thinking of what to do and what not to do! You need to understand that your movers have worked really hard on this day to move all your items with a guarantee and this involves a lot of heavy lifting. Tipping your movers is just a little gesture to thank them for their good job. Well, let us be very clear that tipping is not at all required but it shows a little appreciation for the hard work done by movers.

When and how much to tip your movers is a big question! But first, understand:

When and when not to tip your movers?

It purely depends on how your moving company has treated you. If you have got a good experience from the moving company then you would feel nice to hand over an extra amount. If things have gone smoothly and your movers have gone a step ahead as well as have put an extra effort, it’s fine to reward them for their extra effort.

We would advise you to tip your movers only if:

  • They did everything in a timely manner.
  • They worked beyond your expectations and finished the moving task in a shorter timeline than you expected.
  • They moved a lot and navigated a lot of stairs only to keep your items at an appropriate place.
  • They moved everything in a proper way and all your items have been placed in your new home without any damage!
  • Their professionalism was incredible and it impressed you a lot.

Well, you know now when to tip and when not to tip!

Now, you should know how much should you tip?

We would say that there is no rule book for tipping movers but if you are tipping them then you should give each crew member an equal amount. You can also give full tip to the head mover so that the amount is evenly split amongst all the crew members. According to our analyses, people generally tip 5 to 10% to their movers. This is the best way you can tip your movers.

What are the other ways to tip your movers?

Many people prefer giving rewards using their cash but if you are not comfortable with that it is solely your choice. You can reward your movers in another way too. You can offer your movers with cold refreshments as a good gesture. If your move starts in the morning then offer your movers with coffee or tea so that they feel good when they start their work. For lunch or dinner break, you can offer a good meal to your movers so that they feel happy throughout the work.

No one generally knows how to handle the tipping process because it is one of the most awkward things but you don’t need to stress over it. Let’s aware that a good moving company will never expect any tip but if you offer the crew members cash or tip in any other form like a beverage or a meal, it will definitely show your gratitude.