Moving your home or your office can be a stressful experience. No matter how capable you are, moving your home on your own can be a terrifying experience. You could hire someone to make the process easy for you, but end up realizing that these are the same people who are causing you distress under such stressful circumstances. These people might take advantage of you or end up causing damage to you and your property, or maybe, if you are not careful enough, you could very well end up being scammed! Yes, people do get scammed.

Let’s understand first what exactly are moving company scams in detail!
As the name suggests, moving scams are scams choreographed by certain moving companies who are trying to benefit from you by causing you harm.
The most common moving scam is called ‘Hostage-Goods scam’, under which a moving company denies from accepting the quote they offered for your moving project earlier. Your moving company might give you a pretty reasonable price estimate before your home moving project begins, however, as things ease up and all the things are ready to move and unpack, the price quoted suddenly changes to the higher segments. In such cases, most scammers even hold the properties of the homeowner with them as a hostage, until they agree to pay the higher price as claimed by these scammers later. Customers often are not left with any choice and have to shell out those extra bucks to get their belongings back to them.

Advance-Deposit Scam” is another kind of moving scam committed by certain moving companies. This actually begins with customers depositing the amount for moving their homes in advance, upfront. After they make their deposits for their home moving project, they are left to wait for their home items to be moved, only to realize these scammers do not actually show up to move their homes!

Why and how do these scams happen?

These scams often happen during the peak seasons. The popular seasons for home moving projects seem to be during the summer months or the spring season, and this is when scammers infiltrate the markets! There is a sudden rise in the number of people who are willing to offer you home moving services are reasonable prices. These scammers are often trusted by common residents and people who are not really aware of the laws surrounding moving companies and their agents. These scammers are often unlicensed and uninsured, and this is where most families lose the game!

What should you be looking out for?

When it comes to choosing a moving company for your property, you should be looking out for some signs and red flags, before you jump to make a conclusion that they are right for you.

If they display any of the following signs, you should be careful when moving forward with them!

  • They give you a very, too-good-to-be-true low price
  • They refuse the opportunity for an on-site estimate
  • They do not operate in a physical office
  • They ask you for a large upfront amount
  • They do not have an online website
  • They do not have online testimonials and reviews
  • They do not accept online wires and Cheque. They only deal in cash
  • They use unmarked vehicles for moving your items.

Do not fall into traps set by these moving company scammers! Always look out for these signs before you jump to conclusions.

These common rep-offs can damage your property and your resources in the long run. However, do not feel scared of all! Not all moving companies are alike, just like not all fingers are alike! You too can have a successful moving project completed in an affordable and reliable manner, just by looking out for the signs mentioned above.

  • Always demand for an on-site estimate meeting. A free on-site estimate is your right as a customer
  • Always check the physical address and the office of the company before you start dealing with them. Also ensure that you are googling the address to make sure things look smooth.
  • Look out for recommendations, word-of-mouth, reviews, etc. from your colleagues, friends, families and even neighbors.
  • You can also seek help of a trusted real estate agent to know who can be trusted with your home moving project. They are a great source of information of all these kinds.
  • Do not just settle for one. Always opt for competitive on-site estimates. At least get three estimates before deciding on who you can trust for your home moving project. If there is a considerable estimate difference, you can always detect frauds.
  • Always choose a moving company based on their estimates on the basis of weight of the items and not cubic feet.
  • Not many people know of this and not many do this, but you should definitely give this a try. Look out for complaints against a moving company before you go ahead and deal with them. You can look for online forums and reviews and check out the complaints against certain moving companies you are looking to work with. If the company has more than 8 complaints on a particular website or a forum, you should rethink everything.

In short, you should always be planning ahead for all these major decisions. Researching and booking ahead of time leaves you with a lot of time for taking better decisions and making good choices. When it comes to opting for a good moving company, you should take your time, take things slow, and be smart! You should not rush such important decisions. You should rely on nothing but the best.

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