You might be planning to move your house and you have hired a professional moving company to pack and move for you. You know it very well that you don’t need to worry about those heavy loads as well as don’t need to pack them all. Everything will be done by the moving company but do you know that moving companies do not take each and everything? There are some things you need to move under their guidelines. When you book your appointment with the moving company, they would explain to you the guidelines on which they work. Moving companies generally give you a list in which they include the items that they don’t prefer to carry because of the risk factor.

Many guidelines are there that moving companies explain to you when you book an appointment with them. Most of the times they recommend you the things that you need to carry with you:

It’s important to know the items you need to take with you! You should always carry your valuable items like jewelry, money, ids, documents, etc. We would also recommend you to carry expensive paintings or treasured items so that all your valuable items are safe with you.

You should carry items like safes and pianos with you only so that it isn’t misplaced anywhere. You should know that these types of items are prone to be misplaced. Thus, you should carry them with you.

Many times moving companies offer you a third party option to take off flammable items like firearms, gasoline or propane tanks. Appliances which are connected to gas or water line needs to be taken off before movers carry them. Thus, you need a third party for all these things. Your moving company would definitely recommend you the third party which would help you to do the same.

Other considerations like frozen food items, your pets, and plants you need to take when you plan to move. It’s important to plan on how to move these items because movers generally don’t move such items.

No doubt hiring a moving company will help you to save a lot of time and will give you rest from the hectic schedule. You need to take care of special items during the move. Thus, moving companies generally don’t carry valuable items and inform you beforehand only.

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